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LFPR - March 31, 2018 - 0 comments

As the days lengthen and we look forward to another Savannah summer, Team LFPR is in great shape to keep the momentum going on behalf of our wonderful clients.  We have been very focused on some of the issues facing our community over the last few weeks as we worked to orchestrate and undertake a media panel at Kehoe Iron Works focusing on The National Park Service’s recently released an Integrity and Condition Assessment of the Savannah National Historic Landmark District, conducted at the request of Historic Savannah Foundation.  We are grateful to our local media for the extensive and thought-provoking reporting about the report’s recommendation that Savannah’s district be placed on the “Threatened (Priority 1 List),” meaning the city’s National Historic Landmark District has suffered, or is in imminent danger of, a severe loss of integrity”.

Away from the historic district and into Bryan County, we continue to work as an extended part of the municipal government’s marketing team and I enjoyed facilitating a day of media training with Administrator, Ben Taylor, and his department heads. We are also honored to be supporting the Bryan County Opioid Prevention Project and preparing for Drug Take Back Day as well as promoting a public action panel of community partners within the next few weeks.

And let’s not forget the culture! We were entranced by the quality of the performances at The American Traditions 25th anniversary last month and enjoyed more amazing performances by Savannah’s Philharmonic Orchestra and Chorus – I can’t believe that we are approaching the end of their ninth season and preparing to unveil their tenth.   Asbury Memorial Theatre’s production of Neil Simon’s Plaza Suite was superb and I was able to once again travel to New York for VOICExperience’s annual gala – although I could have done without the blizzards……..

Goodbye for now!