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SAVANNAH, GA — January 10, 2020 — Savannah Philharmonic is pleased to announce the opening of a unique photography exhibit entitled Leitmotif by local photographer, Bud Green, from 5-8 p.m. Friday, Jan. 24 at Location Gallery @ Austin Hill Realty, 417 Whitaker St., Savannah, GA. The Leitmotif Exhibit marks the opening of Location Gallery’s 2020 Season and profits from the show will be donated to support the mission of Savannah Philharmonicto inform, instruct and enrich the community through orchestral and choral performances, and to promote and increase community knowledge and appreciation of the arts. The nonprofit organization’s vision is to be regarded as an essential musical, educational, cultural, and economic asset to the community. #SavPhil

Bud Green’s passion for photography began in 2005 while sifting through some old family photos he inherited from his grandfather. Struck by the power of the grainy black and white images, his exploration of the medium led him to the pioneers of 20th century photography, and eventually to taking photographs of his own. He bought a Leica 35mm camera and pursued his craft while working his day job as a software developer. Though he has no formal training in photography, the geometry and precision of his compositions are evidence of his study of architecture.

The unusual title of Leitmotif is derived from the French word describing a recurrent musical phrase associated with a particular person, idea or situation. It is closely related to the musical concept of idée fixe, or motto-theme, used in music and literature to indicate a recurring theme or character trait serving as the structural foundation of a work. With Green’s selective eye and a photographic journal spanning decades, this collection of paired photographs connects seemingly disparate ideas. A consistent use of line, shape and tonality creates a new narrative when paralleled.

“Savannah Philharmonic is grateful to Austin Hill Realty for their generosity and their ongoing support,” Savannah Philharmonic Executive Director Terri O’Neil said. “It’s thrilling to experience the symmetry between art and music through this exhibit”

Green’s work has also been exhibited in Chicago, Illinois, Iowa City, Iowa and was featured in Popular Photography magazine. A 30-year resident of Chicago, Bud and his wife Lynn Weddle now live in Savannah in a home they bought on their first visit to town.

For more information about the Leitmotif Exhibit, please contact Gallery Director, Peter Roberts at or call 912-604-6250.

To learn more about Savannah Philharmonic, please visit,, or call 912-232-6002.

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