Our Services


Our energy and commitment is second-to-none, let the LFPR team become an extension of YOUR marketing team.

Our Services

How exactly does LFPR become a part of your marketing team?

Media Relations

We develop and handle integrated campaigns to generate independent editorial coverage in print, on TV, radio, and online to promote your organization or business. From copy writing and tailoring your messages and working with our media contacts we provide a Return on Investment every time.

Crisis Management


We can help your business or organization plan for and deal with issues to control the messaging and minimize damage to your business or organization.



Social Media

We create, schedule, analyze, and engage with content posted on social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn. Maximize this vital tool to promote your business or organization.

Strategic Input

We help businesses and organizations through the process of defining their market positioning and developing the right strategies for success and growth.


Graphic Design

We will help you bridge the gap between your product or service and your target audiences through brand development, designing logos, ads, posters, or marketing materials we deliver every time. Whatever you need to WOW.

Online Marketing

We will leverage web-based channels to spread the message about your company’s brand, products, or services to its potential customers. 


Website Management

We will handle the updating, analyzing, promoting, and development of your website to maximize the marketing value of this vital resource. 



Developing appropriate, targeted copy from brochures to websites, advertisements, and more. 



Reputation Management

We will help you maintain a positive public perception for your business or organization through social media, newspaper, and Google monitoring.


For PR to be successful, it needs to reach enough of the right target audiences enough times with a message that convinces and prompts the desired action or change in behavior or opinion.


PR builds reputations and shapes opinions; it educates and informs while nurturing relationships and capturing hearts and minds. PR can protect reputations in a crisis. In short, it is positive things written and said by other people, without those people having an obvious vested interest, such as in paid advertising.

Location is everything

Some organizations need effective promotion within the immediate Coastal Georgia region. Some need to target Savannah’s fly/drive-to market. We have the knowledge, contacts and experience to focus on both…from local to global audiences.