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Ben Taylor

County Administrator

Lesley Francis Public Relations has been instrumental in drastically improving Bryan County’s communication with its citizens. They are very familiar with how local governments function, which makes things a lot easier for the staff. And more importantly, LFPR is capable of working directly with department heads and senior staff to communicate needed messages in a very professional manner to the public thus inspiring their confidence in our services.

Larry Haskell

Director of Development and Public Relations

I had heard great things about the team at Lesley Francis Public Relations and we have not been disappointed. Their media knowledge and contacts have generated incredible levels of media coverage for The Salvation Army in Savannah. Feedback from our sponsors and the wider community has been very positive and they are a vital part of our marketing team. It really is like having a full marketing team to rely on. From strategy and issues management, to generating targeted and high-quality media coverage, impressive social media programs, and working alongside us at events and more, they never fail to deliver. The whole team is amazing to work with and I highly recommend their services.

Sue Adler

CEO and President

It’s so great to have the LFPR team on our side as we push out our mission, promote events and preservation issues. Their professionalism, attention to detail and enthusiasm for our mission is incredible; in addition to PR and media planning, they have increased our presence on all social media platforms. They are awesome to work with!

Maria Zouves

Board of Directors

Lesley Francis PR is a vital part of our Savannah VOICE Festival team. Quite simply we would not be here without their commitment and amazing levels of media coverage achieved since we launched the festival in 2013. They are energetic and committed PR Professionals who always go above and beyond to help achieve success in media coverage. I would not hesitate to recommend her services to anybody who wants an experienced and exceptional public relations agency.

Heather Henley

Former content/features editor

The dedicated team at Lesley Francis PR understands media relations. They have built solid relationships with local journalists by making relevant and timely media pitches and following through till the story is published. Newsrooms are grateful to work with professionals like LFPR.

Barry Lollis

Executive Director

Working with Lesley Francis PR (LFPR) is equivalent to having a full marketing team at your disposal. They understand Savannah Classical Academy’s opportunities and challenges and Lesley and her team took the time to learn about the education sector when they began working with us in 2018. Their services to SCA include issues management, to generating positive coverage via the media, effective social media programs, website and online marketing expertise and complex advertising campaigns - incorporating filming, design and coordination of a diverse media. Their strategic input, commitment and responsiveness in and outside office hours is exceptional, With different skills and expertise within LFPR their efforts really enhance our profile and they are a valued part of the SCA team. I do not hesitate to recommend their services.

Katrina Bostick

Executive Director

Family Promise of Coastal Georgia is thrilled with the ways Lesley Francis Public Relations has increased publicity and awareness for our programs and services. The agency's ideas for engaging the community and our supporters are fresh, thoughtful and perfectly executed. The LFPR team boasts experience that shines through and allows them to work efficiently and creatively to capitalize on existing media opportunities and create new ones. We consider LFPR part of our organization and know they are as passionate and committed to our mission as we are.

Curt Bryant

President of the Board

The five year goals for Savannah Ballet Theatre had all fallen into place but the Board knew something else needed to happen...  That something was Lesley Francis and her dynamic team!  Lesley and her Team hit the ground running and have, in a very short period of time, already made a mark on our Brand and Image.

Hector Claudio

Business Owner and CEO

I’ve been aware of LFPR for a couple of years and I wish I had used their marketing services earlier.  In the short amount of time we have worked together they have significantly raised the profile of my sunglasses brand to key trade and consumer audiences and their strategic counsel has been extremely valuable.  I would recommend LFPR to any business for a great return on investment.

Mary Fuller

Executive Director

Lesley Francis' whole team is great to work with and does a wonderful job. They are so supportive and very professional.

John Houchens

Executive Director

Lesley Francis and her team at LFPR offer superior public relations services. From copywriting to media placement to creative services - they excel at all of it. Every member of the team really listen to their clients and respond to their needs, provide constant and consistent updates and feedback, and execute on time. They truly love Savannah and the business and organizations they serve.

Wendy Dauphinee

Project Coordinator

The Lesley Francis Public Relations team has been a valuable asset to the Bryan County Opioid Prevention Project. Lesley and her team have extensive knowledge and experience in working with non-profit organizations. They continuously research to stay up-to-date on the opioid epidemic in order to promote our goals and strategies in preventing opioid abuse in Bryan County. LFPR allowed me to make connections in the community that would have been impossible on my own. Their client communication surpasses all expectations. If I needed anything, I knew an email or call would be answered almost immediately. Lesley’s team has excitement and passion in what they do. I always look forward to my monthly planning meetings with them. They truly became an invested member of my organization.

Rebecca Fenwick


With the help of Lesley Francis PR we were successfully able to make the launch of Ethos Preservation public. We were so excited to share our new venture with the world, and Lesley's team put us on the map. We are so grateful for their dedication and connections within the Savannah community.

Danny Cohen

Past Board President

Lesley Francis and her team are amazing marketing partners as we continue to build the ATC into a force to be reckoned with in the USA and internationally.  Their strategic insights, commitment to and knowledge of the arts and ability to deliver significant media coverage for our organization are all outstanding and we value their partnership.

Gena Taylor

Executive Director

In the first year of our partnership, Greenbriar's presence in the community grew exponentially. We experienced significant increases in both financial and in-kind contributions. We were exposed to new audiences through magazines and social media. They demonstrate their passion about the mission of Greenbriar every time they went above and beyond to tell our story. We are fortunate to have Lesley Francis PR representing Greenbriar.

Mark Dana


Lesley - Thank you for all of your hard work and generosity towards the Two Hundred Club! The inaugural Red, White & Blue BBQ Fundraiser was a success and we owe a lot of that to the Lesley Francis PR family. Thank you!

Trisha Growe


Before working with Lesley Francis and her team, our organization was letting the media manage us!  With their guidance and expertise we have taken our image into our own hands and strategically developed a cohesive communications campaign.  I highly recommend Lesley Francis Public Relations to any organization or company that wants to be in control of their message and reputation.

Toby Hollenberg


I would give you top stars for your PR for the VOICE Festival.  The article in the DO section of the SMN about the June 4 concert at the Davenport House was excellent and I think it resulted in our selling out both performances.  I also saw the info again in the SMN on another day. Working with LFPR has been wonderfully collaborative and your support for all of the VOICE programming is highly valued.

Britnee Kinard


A good PR professional can make an enormous difference to both individuals and businesses. Our aim was to raise our profile and educate the market on the great work SD Gunner Fund does. The LFPR team blew us away with their approach, dedication and most of all, results. The quality and consistency of these results have resulted in exactly the outcome that we were hoping for.  Lesley Francis PR is not only highly qualified but very experienced, modern and skillful in their delivery of PR solutions that met our needs and delivered results.  They are masters of their profession, not to mention a delight to work with.  I would recommend the LFPR team to anyone looking to build their business, campaign, or just raise general awareness.

Ray Ellis

Minister of Music

Asbury Memorial Theatre Company of Savannah appointed LFPR to assist us with the promotion of our productions to increase awareness and attendance. We are ecstatic at the results and the difference they have made to us in only a few months. They are professional and committed to raising our profile and have quickly and enthusiastically become part of our team. Their expertise has led to TV, newspaper and social media coverage for our shows and events even during the busiest times of year for productions in Savannah when everybody is competing for audiences. We would unreservedly recommend them to anybody seeking a marketing partner.

Ted Flake


Lesley Francis adds energy and excellence to marketing activity.  Her copywriting skills and ability to place favorable media coverage in our area are second to none.

Jordan Roth

Founder & COO

Working with Lesley Francis PR (LFPR) is equivalent to having a full marketing team at your disposal. Our business is complex as we provide tailored security solutions for large organizations.  Lesley and her team took the time to learn our business and develop strategies that improved our position within our industry.  We receive regular updates and can trust that our marketing initiatives are moving forward on time, on message and on budget.  With different skills and expertise within LFPR their efforts really enhance our profile and their connections within Savannah are impressive.  I recommend their services to any business professional seeking to focus and improve their marketing efforts.

Jill Cheeks

Executive Director

Working with Lesley Francis PR (LFPR) is like having a full marketing team within our organization. They provide so much more than you would expect from a public relations agency and handle not only media relations, but also social media and our online presence and branding.  LFPR is a true marketing partner to the Mediation Center as they have a real desire and commitment to understanding our organization – not only what we do but how we make an impact – and they bring that understanding into our marketing strategy and communication messages. The Mediation Center has been working in the greater Savannah area for over 30 years and we have a complex and diverse range of programs that need in-depth understanding and the ability to communicate messages to all our audiences; LFPR always delivers. One of the main aspects that sets this agency apart is the diversity of the skill sets within the team; this adds so much to their marketing efforts on our behalf. No individual or single employee could ever offer the range of skills and expertise that LFPR does – from social media to branding to traditional media relations. Their efforts always results in quality TV, newspaper and online editorial coverage, which reaches and impacts our target audience.  I highly recommend choosing Lesley Francis Public Relations as your marketing partner.

Randy Bocook


What Lesley Francis Public Relations has done for my business has forever changed it. My real estate business is noticed and recognized all over town because of their efforts to get me out there.

Bill Eberlein

Diver and Owner

Lesley Francis has a great talent for Public Relations and copywriting. With her assistance I have been able to raise the profile of my diving for prehistoric fossilized shark teeth through a series of magazine and newspaper articles. I would recommend her services to anybody who wants an experienced and knowledgeable PR professional.

Jim Wann

Musician and Composer

Lesley, Hollie, and everyone at Lesley Francis PR--thank you for excellent promotion for my sold-out concert April 21, "Johnny Mercer On Tybee." Any time you sell all the tickets and there's good buzz in the house, you know the pros at LFPR done a great job, and the performers take the stage with extra energy and joy. Onward!

Catherine Garrido


I would not hesitate to recommend Lesley Francis’ professional PR services to any local business. Her marketing insight, advice on promotional activity and media contacts have all played an important role in the successful launch and ongoing success of the Milan Day Spa on Broughton. Her dedication has helped us to differentiate ourselves as THE downtown Savannah spa to both residents and tourists.

Dr Mark E. Murphy

Lesley Francis is an energetic and enthusiastic individual whose Public Relations skills are, quite simply, phenomenal. I had the privilege of working with Lesley as a Board Member of the Savannah Book Festival. Despite being in a strictly volunteer position, she garnered an unprecedented level of local, regional and national attention for the Festival, including dozens of newspaper and magazine articles, myriad radio and television interviews, and continuous broadcast of the Festival’s activities on a national cable network. The Savannah Book Festival has evolved from a local celebration into a nationally-recognized literary event, and Lesley deserves the lion’s share of credit for that transformation. I could not recommend her more highly!

Rosie Cunningham Thomas

Chief Executive Officer

Lesley and I worked together for over 10 years as I developed my career as a healthcare technology executive. Lesley’s deep and wide understanding of the power of medical communications and the impact of developing clinical key opinion leaders resulted directly in accelerated sales growth and rapid market penetration across multiple technologies including an innovative infection control urology product, in vitro fertlization products and high tech cryotherapy products for the treatment of prostate and kidney cancer. Lesley’s insight and PR leadership enabled several of the smaller enterprises to punch well above their weight in very competitive and highly regulated market places. Additionally, Lesley’s attention to detail, professional approach, winning manner and relentless focus on first class customer service ensured my respective businesses successfully delivered high impact PR campaigns. I highly recommend Lesley and would engage her services again.

Billie Stultz

Executive Director

Lesley Francis PR is one of the best decisions we have made in increasing PR. Lesley and her team make PR look effortless and we couldn’t be happier with our partnership.

Jeff Whitten


I’ve known Lesley Francis and her various team members at Lesley Francis PR for more than a decade through my work at the Bryan County News and can actually remember when it was founded back in 2011. I think there’s a reason it’s grown to include a diverse clientele of government, non-profit and private interests, and that’s because Lesley and her team are exceptionally good at what they do. Further, Lesley’s personal column, “An English Rose in Georgia,” has become a favorite of our readers (she gets fan mail from all over) and it’s one of my favorite reads as well. I’d recommend Lesley Francis PR without hesitation to anyone in the market for a PR firm.