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LFPR - November 17, 2020 - 0 comments

SAVANNAH, GA – November 17, 2020 – The Savannah Ballet Theatre (SBT) has joined with Cadence Bank in Savannah who will support this local nonprofit organization with vital banking services. Cadence has a longstanding history of supporting the arts in the communities they serve, and this new alliance with SBT will be at the forefront of these efforts for Coastal and Southeast Georgia.

Jason McMillian, Southeast Georgia Regional president of Cadence Bank, is looking forward to developing this relationship. “We welcome the opportunity to assist SBT in their future growth and development as a premier Southeastern ballet theater company,” McMillian said. “By providing expertise in financial services and resources to sustain SBT’s growth, and through our financial support and hands-on involvement, we can make a meaningful contribution to helping SBT thrive.”

Cadence Bank’s mission is to deliver a better banking experience for every client. Their “do right” efforts to engage with the community provide value and promote sustainable growth. Cadence recognizes that arts and culture contribute considerably to the community’s well-being. Aligning with organizations like the Savannah Ballet Theatre will, in turn, support the economy by stimulating business and driving tourism, especially in Savannah.

McMillian also mentioned how important it was now more than ever to give back to the arts. “When arts thrive in our communities, we provide a powerful tool to help build community capacity and well-rounded future leaders. In these uncertain times, our communities are looking for uplifting outlets for personal engagement and cultural development. Our arts community delivers cultural entertainment, spurs creative thinking and innovation, and provides jobs for those engaged in the productions.”

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