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LFPR - April 11, 2017 - 0 comments

One of the joys of working at LFPR is all of the fabulous music and drama that we are lucky enough to experience as part of our jobs.  Of course it is not all about dressing up and socializing with opera legends like Sherrill Milnes as 99% of our work is about preparation, writing, briefing, media liaison, social media posting – well you get the picture.

Having said that I believe that it is very important that everyone on our team experiences the wonderful culture we promote – otherwise how can we effectively communicate about and advocate for it with the media, supporters and other thought leaders in our community?  And more pragmatically when the TV stations, reviewers and other journalists choose to attend and promote our clients’ events it is our job to assist them in any way we can.

The last six weeks have included many cultural highlights including the 24th American Traditions Vocal Competition during the last week of February – the talent just gets better every year in my opinion!  Can’t wait to see how they can top this with their silver jubilee in 2018.  Turning to drama I must admit to crying when Asbury Memorial Theatre performed Steel Magnolias.  The fabulous cast, including Cheri Hester in a lead role, brought to life the movie version which I have always loved.  Thanks to Bill Dawers for spending a Sunday afternoon with us to review this show in DO.

The Philharmonic’s dynamic Development Director – Terri O’Neil – combined three of my favorite things – music, fashion and champagne – at a glorious ‘Couture In Concert’ event featuring James Hogan and starring some Philharmonic board members and artists on the runway.  Hopefully this will also become an annual tradition.  We have plenty still to look forward to before the Philharmonic’s season comes to an end later this month and we are busy preparing to unveil their exciting new season to the media.