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LFPR - September 12, 2019 - 0 comments

SAVANNAH, GA – September 12, 2019 – After 27 years of celebrating music, the American Traditions Vocal Competition (ATC) is widening its outreach to the youth of Savannah with its all new fall program, the inaugural Junior ATC.

This major new educational outreach initiative, with events scheduled during October and November, is open to high school students, ages 13-18, in Savannah, Georgia and surrounding communities. The Junior ATC will teach students confidence in solo singing giving them a chance to craft their own program based on their unique vocal abilities and interests, and allowing them to further develop through coaching, performances, and competing against their peers.

The three finalists will receive different prize packages including cash prizes and performance opportunities in Savannah and beyond. First place will win $750, Second place will win $500, and Third place will win $250. Winners will be invited to sing at events for the American Traditions Vocal Competition, and more prizes are planned for the future to help give student signers performance opportunities and build confidence in their ability to perform.

The 2019 competition kicks off with an Open Call from 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 5 at First Presbyterian Church, 520 Washington Ave. Savannah. Interested students must sign up for a time slot, but slots are limited and are first-come, first-serve. Sign up for a time slot at

During the Open Call, each singer will offer one song, and the panel can ask for a second if they wish to hear another selection. Each singer must submit their music to the ATC before Open Call so the pianist will be prepared with music, although singers can provide their own pianist. No more than ten singers will be passed to the Final Round from Open Call. Each Finalist must attend a coaching session to be properly prepared for the Final Round.

“We are extremely excited to expand as an organization and kick off this brand-new educational outreach program for the Savannah community’s young people,” said ATC Artistic Director Mikki Sodergren. “We hope this experience will encourage these students to develop their individual interests and follow their creative passions, wherever they may lead.”

On Saturday, Oct. 26 at First Presbyterian Church, 520 Washington Ave. Savannah, finalists selected from the Open Call will be coached by professional singers on stage presence, vocal technique, style and microphone technique to prepare them for the Final Round. Coachings are closed to the public, but teachers and close family members are invited to attend.

Singers should be prepared to sing their entire program during the Final Round, which is open to the public, at 7 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 9 at Savannah Arts Academy, 500 Washington Ave. Finalists will perform before a live audience and panel of judges as they compete to win over $1,500 in prizes. Tickets to the Final Round can be purchased for $5 each by visiting

The ATC celebrates and preserves all styles of classic American music. The organization promotes these songs by producing annual vocal competitions in Savannah, Georgia, that awards in cash prizes. The ATC is committed to serving the greater Savannah community. The organization provides musical education, exposure and performances for Savannah locals of all ages. This 501(c)(3) nonprofit arts institution was born of the desire to foster and preserve traditions of musical expression, which have been significant in the culture of the United States, by celebrating the repertoire that represents both the art and the popular cultures of our country.

To learn more about the ATC or its all new Junior ATC, please visit


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