The Agency Lesley Francis Public Relations (LFPR) is an award winning public relations agency based in Savannah, GA. Our experience and commitment allows us to offer a tailored approach to ensure our clients make a big impact with the

From local businesses and Festivals punching well above their weight to raising the profile of non-profit organizations and adding a sparkle to our local media scene; Lesley Francis Public Relations has the know how to make it happen.

Our clients want something different – a bespoke service from an experienced PR professional. Lesley Francis PR delivers, time after time.

Lesley Francis PR
11258 Ford Avenue, Suite 2, Richmond Hill, GA 31324
+1(912) 417-LFPR (5377)

Lesley Francis PR is a vital part of our Savannah VOICE Festival team. Quite simply we would not be here without their commitment and amazing levels of media coverage achieved since we launched the fe…
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